The 10 Slide Investor Pitch

Guy Kawasaki has long said that he would never invest in a business that couldn’t make its case in 10 slides. While I’m no venture capitalist like Guy, I’ve seen plenty of pitch and investor decks that had no hope of getting investment—and one of the common themes was far too many slides. When you don’t understand your business well enough to explain it simply, or if your business model is so complicated that it can’t be explained simply, then why would an outside want to invest?

Guy revisits his 10-slide maxim in the below Entrepreneur article.



PowerPoint’s Built-in Color Themes PPT color themes


The always awesome Johanna Rehnvall of has put together a comprehensive visual guide to the default color themes included in various versions of PowerPoint.

Check it out here!

And if you are looking for a comprehensive guide to PowerPoint’s default fonts and recommended font combinations, check this out also from


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Upcoming Presentation Webinars

Upcoming Webinars

While most of my training continues to be onsite at clients, you can occasionally catch me online. And I have two upcoming webinars.

American Management Association – April 7, 2016

American Management Association


This Thursday, April 7, I will again be giving Creating Visual Presentations for the AMA.

This 90-minute session is an overview on how to become a better visual storyteller. We’ll cover proven strategies for reducing text, how to avoid the bullet point trap by using the “chunking” technique, how to harness the picture  superiority effect and basic graphic design layout principles to make your presentations look more professional.

For more information and to sign up, click here.

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Presentationxpert – April 13, 2016

The next is foPresentationxpertr my friends at where this time I will be giving a free 1-hour session on Creating an Effective Presentation Story. Much of my training revolves around what to do after you have created a clear and compelling story, but now I’ll take some time to dive into all the things you need to do before you start burying your head in PowerPoint.

In the webinar, I’ll guide you through creating your own persuasive presentation structure step by step, and reveal each question that needs to be answered along the way. From the very first and most important determining piece of information (it’s not what you think…) to identifying your audience, creating singular messaging, calls to action, simple ideation techniques and easy outlining.

You’ll learn how to define your “Point A” and your “Point B,” how to write your presentation bumper sticker and how to use certain PowerPoint tools to your advantage to stay organized.

I’ll even discuss what makes good a header and how to avoid jargon and business-speak.

Sign up for free here!


Announcing The Presentation Podcast

The Presentation PodcastSo apparently, there are these things called podcasts. They’ve been around for a while, I’m told, but until now there has not been a podcast dedicated to the world and business of presentation design. This week marks the official launch of The Presentation Podcast!

And along with two of the best and most knowledgeable designers in the country, I am one of the hosts. We’re going to let you in on everything there is to know about presentations large and small.

Though millions of PowerPoint and Keynote slides are created each day, it’s a small world when it comes to professionals who make their living creating presentations at the highest level for others. The Presentation Podcast will give listeners access to those professionals and all the tricks, tips, best practices and secrets to creating better presentations and the business of presentation. We’ll talk about how and when to hire a pro and how much that should cost, what hardware and software you should be using to make your life easier, where to look for inspiration and resources – we’ve even got a whole podcast dedicated to fonts. (Are you geeking out yet?)

Soon enough we’ll bring on guests from around the presentation universe, but to start off, your hosts are:

Troy_circleTroy Chollar, President and Co-Founder, TLC Creative Services, Inc.

You know when they introduce new car models with 100′ screens and pyrotechnics? Yeah, Troy makes those things.

Sandra_JohnsonSandra Johnson, Owner & Chief Presentation Officer, Presentation Wiz, Inc.

You know when CEOs get up on stage to launch new products in front of 1,000s of people? Yeah, Sandy is the person behind that.

Nolan_HaimsNolan Haims, Owner, Nolan Haims Creative

I do stuff. But you knew that. That’s why you’re reading this in the first place, right?


You can find The Presentation Podcast on iTunes right now. Our first two episodes cover how to ensure your clients or colleagues are seeing exactly what you’re seeing in your presentations on your own computer and the current multi-faceted state of PowerPoint versions out there and which you should be using. (If you’re not on 2016 yet, we’ll tell you what you’re missing.) Plus, in every episode we’ll cover  news and happenings in the world of presentation along with our favorite tech and professional design tips – everything from useful websites to PowerPoint hacks and hidden features.

What are you waiting for – head on over to iTunes and subscribe now!

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