15 Startup Pitch Decks

Attach.io has posted 15 startup pitch decks from companies big and small, but all the resulted in raising significant capital.

There’s some good here (Airbnb) and some horrendous (YouTube), but design aside—and I usually never say that—what is to be learned from these is the simplicity of messaging and limited content.

As Guy Kawasaki has said, if you can’t explain your business in ten slides, you don’t understand your business and I don’t want to invest in it.

Check out all the decks here.

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Microsoft Wants Your Input on New Charts


As a Microsoft MVP, I’m often given access to pre-release feature and information about where software is headed, but as I’ve written about before, Microsoft legitimately wants the input of its users in shaping the direction of PowerPoint and Excel. If you have new feature requests, they are genuinely all ears via powerpoint.uservoice.com.

Charts Are Getting Overhauled

If you’re on Office 365, you hopefully have noticed the addition of 6 brand new charts such as Waterfall, Tree Map and Histogram. These charts are built on a brand new engine which you also may have noticed can cause some compatibility issues.

As Microsoft starts migrating ALL charts to this new engine (which will bring with it new technical and design features), there will come a day when backwards compatibility with earlier versions of Office gets sticky. But, Microsoft WANTS YOUR OPINION on how to handle this transition and some other things.

Now’s the time to let Microsoft know exactly how these developments will affect you and to let them know what decisions they should make through a 5-10 minute survey. If you work with charts all the time, I would definitely encourage you to take part!


And here’s the official Microsoft Privacy Statement regarding the survey.

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Open Vector Maps For Detailed Vector Maps



I just ran across a cool project called Open Vector Maps which provides detailed and free vector maps.

They do request donations for commercial use. Unfortunately, the map I needed was yet available, but they’re growing. Check them out!

And don’t forget that PresentYourStory subscribers get access to a whole page of goodies including my stock image and graphic resource list that I try to keep updated.

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Presentation Summit 2016 Speaker Interviews

Indezine.com has been previewing this year’s Presentation Summit with a series of short Q+A’s with speakers. Lots of good stuff!

Emma Bannister on presenting to varied and international audiences

Julie Terberg on presentation design

Echo Swinford on templates and layouts

Troy Chollar on PowerPoint’s latest game-changing features

Mike Parkinson on presentation graphics

Jon Schwabish on data visualization

Heather Ackmann on remote presenting

Yours Truly on charts, tables, imagery and getting rid of bullet points

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