Presenters Network 2016 Get Together



We had another great Presenters Network Get Together this week organized and hosted by David Grupper of PointMade Animation. Saw old friends, some very old friends and met lots of new designers and presentation professionals from the New York area. And we had some great presentations from speakers.

Take a look at all the pics here!

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Using Stock Imagery Like the Pros via Presentation Xpert



Before the internet and e-commerce sites, the world of stock photography was an intimidating and wallet-draining world of printed catalogs and rights-managed images with few suppliers— Getty Images and Corbis being the two biggest. Royalty-free imagery that could be bought outright and used in most any situation was a significant advance, although initially, it was still quite costly.

These days, there are hundreds of sources for stock photography at all price levels—even for free—so, you have few excuses for using low resolution, cheesy or outright stolen imagery.

Click here to read my whole article on Presentation Xpert…

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Freelance Transformation Podcast Interview



I’m this week’s guest on The Freelance Transformation Podcast hosted by Matt Inglot. If you’re not familiar with the show, each week Matt interviews a different guest who is a freelancer or making a living outside the standard cubicle.

Over the course of an hour, we touch on a lot of topics including my own path, solving communication problems for clients, qualifying clients, working with large companies and training.

Listen on iTunesStitcher, at the Podcast site or download the MP3 here. And don’t forget the show notes!

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Upcoming Presentation Events – NYC & Las Vegas


The good folks at PointMadeAnimation are again hosting the Presenters Network, an evening of  drinks, talks and networking for anyone involved in the world of presentation. Last year’s event was a huge success and a lot of fun (check out pics and videos here), so if you’re in New York,  come by on July 19th to this rooftop event. Registration is required, but be sure to put in the discount code “pointmadeanimation” for a big discount.

And as I did last year, I’ll be one of the event speakers. This time I’ll be talking about Office 365 and the latest game-changing features to have come to PowerPoint.

Hope to see you there!

Presentation Summit

And, it’s also time to start registering for this year’s Presentation Summit, being held this year in Las Vegas.

The 2016 lineup for the world’s only conference dedicated to presentation is very exciting. the always amazing Nancy Duarte will be delivering a keynote address, and we will also be welcoming Sunni Brown for a first time visit and talk.

As always, there will be breakout sessions galore including a number that I will be giving. I will also have the pleasure of moderating a late night roundtable discussion with Nancy on the business of presentation. Check out the entire schedule and list of presenters here.

I know I say this every year, but this is really a conference not to be missed. It is unique among business conferences in so many ways, but mostly in how intimate the organizers keep it. You have direct access to the best minds and players in the world of presentation, and there is no way to attend and not leave a better presenter and creator of presentations. The conference always sells out, so sign up soon, and use the following code for a nice discount: “nh75”

If you have any questions or are on the fence, drop me a line, and I’d be happy to convince you further!


Shutterstock’s New Add-in for PowerPoint



Microsoft dumped their Clip Art gallery access from within PowerPoint back in 2014 in favor of a  Bing image search (which I often find better than even a Google image search), but now Shutterstock is helping them take a further step forward in improving the quality of imagery in presentations with the release of the Shutterstock add-in for PowerPoint.

Through the Microsoft Office App Store (found in PowerPoint on the “Insert” ribbon), PC users can now activate the Shutterstock Images add-in giving immediate search and insertion access to most of Shutterstock’s image collection.



The Office App Store is not well-known or publicized, but it provides a route for 3rd party developers to create add-ins for Office Programs which are generally free. There is still not all that much for PowerPoint to be found there now (and even less on the Mac side), but it’s relatively easy to use—for users of Office 365. The App Store is tied to your Microsoft account, so you can access it from within programs on the Insert Tab or online. In either case, you need to first add an add-in to your profile after which it will always be available to pull up in-program under “My Add-ins.”

Why Shutterstock is Getting in the Presentation Game

“This is the first dedicated plug-in [from Shutterstock] for any platform,” Janet Giesen told me in a recent conversation. As Senior Director of Business Development and Strategic Business Partnerships at Shutterstock, Janet knows that PowerPoint users have been using stock imagery for years, but that it wasn’t always the easiest thing to do—and do legally. The add-in is geared towards users of all types, but certainly makes it easy for graphic design novices to make use of Shutterstock’s collection. All from within PowerPoint, users can search for imagery, insert on a trial basis (with watermarks) and purchase/insert at appropriate sizes.

Users don’t need a Shutterstock account to “Try” images, but if they do want to purchase imagery, they will need some type of paid subscription. Shutterstock offers monthly subscriptions as well as image packs starting as low as $29 for 2 images, so if you really just need a single image for a presentation, you don’t have to spend a fortune. That said, the more expensive packs and subscriptions drop your per-image cost down dramatically.

Right now, add-in users have access to nearly the entire Shutterstock catalog with the exception of vectors. So, if you’re looking for easy access to icons, you may need to keep waiting. Additionally, Shutterstock does give you a few curated collections from the search screen such as “Backgrounds,” “People,” “Education,” etc.



As this is the first release of the add-in expect improvements to come (which are automatic and don’t require any user action.) My own wishlist includes access to Shutterstock light boxes, better filtering out of cheesy imagery, iconography, presentation friendly images (such as horizontal shots with lots of negative space to allow for overlaid content) and, of course, availability on the Mac.

To see the plug-in in action, take a look at the video below. And the first 25,000 people to install the plug-in get a free image from Shutterstock! Let me know if you install it and what you think of it.

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