Speech Coaching

The best designed presentations still need to be delivered by confident and effective speakers.

Whether you’re a novice or an old pro at public speaking, we’ll help you take your skills to the next level through analysis of your strengths and weaknesses as a speaker, targeted exercises, video recording and individualized game plans.


Nolan Julie imageEvery speaker has a unique presence and message. And everyone has the potential to be comfortable and
effective in front of any size audience.

This full-day training course is taught jointly by Nolan Haims and Julie Galdieri and serves as introduction to uncovering each individual’s distinct strengths and weaknesses and equipping him or her with vital presentation skills to reveal the compelling and confident speaker inside.

But confident speaking need not be a solo endeavor. This training will also equip those attending with the tools and ability to group coach and continually strengthen each other’s speaking skills on into the future.

It is recommended that colleagues who speak and work closely together attend the same session when possible.

Special focus and guidance will be given to in-room presentations with slides.



Individual tailored coaching sessions are available on request. Whether you need a general follow up to group training or a session to prepare you for a specific upcoming event, give us a call and we can create a private session to get you exactly where you want to be when you step in front of that audience.

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