Learn from the industry experts how to spend less time creating more effective and dynamic presentations.

Discover the techniques and strategies that NHC uses daily to create presentations for corporate CEOs and the biggest brands in the world using Microsoft Office and other tools you already have.


PresentationCourseslargethumbnailAn introduction to creating and delivering visually dynamic modern presentations in corporate environments that are 1) clear and 2) memorable.

This session focuses on reducing reliance on text, increasing visual storytelling and creating more effective presentations in less time and in ways that don’t scream “Death by PowerPoint.”

Topics include:

  • creating effective stories and presentation structures
  • choosing the right presentation format
  • leave behinds solutions
  • reducing text
  • effective use of imagery & icons
  • creating singular messaging
  • emotional versus analytical presentation and much more
  • process graphics

The session includes a workbook for all attendees and in-class exercises.


A selection of the best “unknown” techniques and tricks for working more efficiently and more quickly in PowerPoint.

Topics can include:

  • creating an efficient workspace
  • PowerPoint’s hidden tools
  • video
  • color tricks
  • working better with shapes
  • Photoshop-like image editing and controlling your text like a designer

This class is designed for intermediate PowerPoint users, but can be customized to an organization’s particular PowerPoint needs. Ample time is allowed for individual attendee questions and challenges.


prestraining-1-3An introduction to and overview of the fundamentals of graphic design.

This session focuses on why visual designers make the decisions they do and gives attendees a better of understanding of how to work with design colleagues and vendors. The session covers the major topics of layout, imagery, typography, color and hierarchy.


Customized small group or individual sessions in which participants make over existing presentation content on their own computers. Designed as a follow-up or addition to other sessions.

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