Presentation Training

Learn to spend less time creating more effective and visual presentations utilizing fewer words.

Discover the techniques, tricks and strategies that Nolan Haims Creative uses daily to create presentations for CEOs and the biggest brands in the world using Microsoft Office and other tools you already have. more



From motivating conference keynotes on such topics as “Simplicity” and “Visual Thinking” to breakout and lunch-time sessions on practical topics like “Design 101” and “5 Best Practices to Transform Your Presentations,” Nolan Haims is available for all types of speaking engagements. more


Speech Coaching

The best designed presentations still need to be delivered by confident and effective speakers. Whether you’re a novice or an old pro at public speaking, we’ll take your skills to the next level through analysis of your strengths and weaknesses, targeted exercises, video recording and individualized game plans.

Data Visualization

The goal of data visualization is to communicate data quickly and effectively so that informed decisions can be made. The increasing firehose of data coupled with reduced attention spans means that it is more vital than ever to not just present numbers, but the story of those numbers—and to do it visually. more

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