PowerPoint, Keynote or Prezi…TED talk, new business pitch or ad sales deck…financial, pharma or consumer…we’ve seen it all and done it all.

Over the years, Nolan Haims Creative has created thousands of presentations for every type of speaker, situation and industry.

These are just a small sampling of presentations to give you a sense of our style of communicating more visually and with less text.

CEP-Collage1-150x150 Fox-News-Collage-150x150 Seiko-Collage-150x150 TagHeuerCollage-150x150 NatGeo1Collage-150x150 NatGeo2Collage-150x150 HewlettFamilyPlanningCollage-150x150 HewlettPhilanthropyCollage-150x150 PackardPRHcollage-150x150 HewlettPRI-150x150 IrvineFOCECollage-150x150 EnergyFoundationCollage-150x150 HewlettConservationCollage-150x150 ModernBrideCollage-150x150 BreakYourOwnRulesCollage-150x150 PamperoCollage-150x150 SeikoPreziCollage-150x150 Audubon Thumbnail Thunderhead Thumbnail JJ Thumbnail

visual training presentation