Data Vizualization

The goal of data visualization is to communicate data quickly and effectively so that informed decisions can be made.

The increasing firehose of data coupled with reduced attention spans means that it is more vital than ever to not just present numbers, but the story of those numbers—and to do it visually.


DataVizLargeThumbnail2Learn to identify and communicate the story and meaning of your data to your audiences as opposed to just putting numbers and tables up on a screen.

This course addresses when and how to properly use basic chart formats, along with knowing when to avoid certain popular graphing solutions such as pie charts and multi-colored bar charts. The importance of direct labeling, data point highlighting and the reduction of “chart junk” are covered in depth.

Attendees will be shown how to visualize their data in the most clear and effective manners using Excel and PowerPoint. In addition to working with traditional charts, participants will also learn how to create more unique graphs such as tree maps, area shapes, bullet graphs and chartles.

Longer sessions include hands-on makeovers and exercises using attendees own computers.

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